Keep it Casual: Advice from 7 Real Fuck Buddies


Looking to get a fuck buddy?  Here’s real advice from fuck buddies to help you navigate your new fuckbuddy relationship.

1. “Spend more time apart than you do together,” – Steve (22) & Claudia (23)

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with Claudia, but I have other priorities. When we first started hooking up, we noticed we spent way too much time together, and it was getting too complicated.

So, we limited our hang time to one or two nights a week, and our casual relationship has improved a lot since then.

2. “Sleep with other people, but keep everyone involved informed,” – Kevin (25) & Marissa (24)

We are nowhere near monogamous. I’m bisexual, and Kevin has an insanely high libido. We understandably need other partners to be satisfied sexually. But when I do hook up with someone, I tell them about Kevin and tell them that we’ve both been tested (which we are). And after I hook up with someone, I tell Kevin. And vice versa.

We have rules too! I’m not allowed to hook up with his ex-girlfriends, and he’s not allowed anywhere near my gal-pals or ex-girlfriends.

3. “The other person is great for dates to low-priority parties, but weddings and family events are where you draw the line,” – Richard (28) and Belle (27)

Belle is the perfect date to work parties or friend’s birthdays. She’s social, and we have fun before leaving at the earliest possible time to go fuck. But when it came to my brother’s wedding and my mom’s birthday blow out this past year, she wasn’t allowed to come. But she totally understands.

4. “Explore one another’s fantasies but don’t forget to set boundaries,” – Micheal (28) and Tiffany (25)

One of the first things we did when we me was make a want, will, won’t list. We figured that this relationship wasn’t serious, but we wanted to make sure that our boundaries were.

For this relationship to work we wanted to venture into new territory together (sexually of course) but we didn’t want to go too far. One of our hard rules is that we don’t try anything new after drinking! This relationship has been so fun sexually because of the communication of our sexual desires.

5. “Don’t be afraid to ask for a break,” Allyn (28) and Matt (26)

I’m a very feelsy boy, Allyn, on the other hand, is not. I was going through a lot with my family and with my career, and as much as I wanted to keep fucking around with Allyn, I knew I needed a break.

I knew that we both wanted to keep things casual and I was worried that if I was in an emotional place that I’d project too much onto him. So we took a break until my family and career issues subsided and we started things back up again when I was ready. I’m so glad I made this decision!

6. “If you feel like you’re getting mixed signals, speak up,” Sean (30) and Janelle (28)

One of the things I learned throughout this non-serious relationship is how to communicate. I’ve always tried to read between the lines, but after meeting Sean, he totally made me be more straightforward with communication.

If I ever feel like he’s sending mixed signals I straight up ask him what he means. And that’s how he acts toward me too. It makes for a stress-free relationship, and I love it.

7. “If you think you’ve caught feelings, examine them, and then decide to pursue them or break it off,” Minnie (27) and Jillian (26)

After a few months of hooking up, I thought I’d caught feelings for Jillian. I did some soul searching, and I figured that I did have feelings for her. I decided to tell her, and if it weren’t going to work out, I’d break it off for my own sake.

We gave things a try, and it didn’t work out, but we’re still great friends after all of this!

5 Perks of Casual Dating

Casual dating is the new dating trend that has taken our youth and others by storm. Chivalry might be dead, but this new way of romantically connecting is very much alive. We can imagine how no commitment, no strings attached, and no hurt feelings seem real appealing to basically everyone. Still not convinced? Here are five perks of casual dating.

1. No rules.

One of the most frustrating parts about relationships is all of the said and unsaid rules that couples need to follow. Rules about when it’s okay to call when it’s okay to sleep over and when it’s time to meet the parents become exhausting. Thankfully, the major upside of casual dating is that these rules no longer exist.

2. Less pressure.

Sometimes people in relationships can get flustered or stressed out because they’re feeling weighted down by all of the pressure that comes out of dating. When are you moving to the next step? When will you meet the parents? When are you going to move in together? When are you getting engaged? All of these questions can bog down the mind and create unwanted pressure on the two people in a relationship. But the awesome thing about casual dating is the fact that the pressure doesn’t exist. It’s a much more relaxed, go with the flow sort of situation.

3. You can keep your options open.

If you’re the type of person who hates being tied down, and you don’t do too well with commitment, casual dating is totally for you. Usually, there’s no rule saying that you two can’t see other people. This is awesome because you can keep playing the field, and move on to someone new if you feel that there’s more potential there. And honestly, it’s just fun! When you’re young, you should be able to explore your options.

4. You don’t need to plan the future.

Sometimes couples get so distracted by planning the future they forget to live in the present. With casual dating, the fact that it’s temporary is practically a given, so you don’t need to sweat the future. You have the chance to live in the moment and not worry about what’s going to happen down the road.

5. You don’t lose sight of yourself.

We all know those people, or maybe you are that person, who gets so caught up in your relationship you forget who you are. You talk to your friends less; you give up your hobbies to have more time with your partner, and you become super dependent on them for everything. This situation is almost impossible while casual dating, because there’s way less time spent together, and you both have very separate lives.