5 States With The Most and Least Cheaters

Not everyone is perfect, and one of the least perfect decisions that someone can make is to cheat on their partner. Cheating causes huge rifts in relationships, a lot of fights, insecurity, trust issues and usually a breakup. You might sometimes wonder about some of the cheating statistics and facts. Today, we’re going to share with you the five states with the most cheaters and the least cheaters. Some of them might surprise you!

States with the most cheaters:

1. Alabama
The good old conservative South ain’t so good after all. Alabama is the state that has the most cheaters in America. Apparently no amount of home cooking, church, or Mama’s good wisdom will help Alabama citizens from being a cheater.

2. Colorado
We have to say that the runner-up for the state with the most cheaters surprises us. Colorado seems like a very mellow, nature loving state, but I guess they love cheating too. Maybe when it gets too cold in the winter, Colorado folks need someone extra to keep them warm.

3. New Jersey
We think that the cast of Jersey Shore made up a good portion of the affairs that contribute to New Jersey’s spot on this list! Anyone surprised by this?

4. Connecticut

Cookie cutter Connecticut isn’t so prim and proper when it comes to staying faithful. We think it might be because the state is so boring, they need something to spice it up every once in a while.

5. Arkansas
Another state from the heart of the south is on this list; we’re sensing a trend possibly. Arkansas, also known as “The Natural State,” comes in at number five on our list.