Structure-Activity Relationships Mark Jason 

The Role of Structure-Activity Relationships and Expert Systems

In vitro human skin permeability coefficient data collected by Flynn (1990) have been analysed using multiple regression analysis. An improved model for the prediction of permeability coefficients has been derived by the inclusion of the melting point as an independent variable in addition to the octanol-water partition coefficient (as logP) and molecular volume. (The solubility […]

Cytotoxic Mark Jason 

Cytotoxic and Morphological Effects of Phenylpropanolamine

The neutral red cytotoxicity assay was used in vitro to evaluate the potencies of phenylpropanolamine (PPA), nicotine, caffeine, some of their metabolites, and related chemicals. The human cell types used as targets included fibroblast (HFF), melanoma (SK-Mel/27), and hepatoma (HepG2) cell lines and early passage endothelial (ENDO) cells and keratinocytes (NHEK). For all of these […]

Skin Irritation Mark Jason 

Skin Irritation Research – Part 1

Skin barrier disruption caused by organic solvents to human cadaver dermatomed skin was evaluated using an in vitro model system. Resultant changes in transepidermal water loss (TEWL), as measured with an evaporimeter, were recorded after topical application of either acetone, chloroform:methanol 2:1, hexane, hexane:methanol 2:3, or the control, water, for exposure times of 1, 3, […]